Joseph R.R. (Reg) Létourneau

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Reg is a Geographic Information Science professional with thirty years’ experience consulting in a wide array of fields ranging from urban master planning to First Nations land claims, both locally and abroad.

Experienced with oil and gas asset acquisition projects, Reg is part of StromTech’s leadership team providing his expertise to identify and pursue infrastructure and infrastructure development opportunities that align with StromTech’s core values and operational capabilities.

Born and raised in Ontario, Reg graduated from the University of Victoria with a BA in Geography and Industrial Psychology double major, followed by service in the Canadian Army as an officer. Pursuing a lifelong passion for advanced learning, Reg got a Civil Engineering diploma and a GIS (Geographic Information Systems) certificate, becoming a subject matter expert in this field.

Reg subsequently developed, pursued and received approval for, and led the GIS Applied Degree program for the Southern Institute of Technology (SAIT) from 2000 to 2008, before returning to the corporate world where he led urban master planning and various economic, social and educational development projects for government and NGO organizations, including in Tanzania (with the UN), Iraq (Kurdish Gov’t), Central/Latin America and throughout Canada.

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