Harry Schaepsmeyer

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Throughout his 30+ year career, Harry has acquired extensive drilling engineering experience in the oil and gas industry both locally and internationally. Harry has worked on directional drilling planning and operations in all areas of Western Canada including the Territories. He was involved in the directional drilling planning and execution of Western Geopower’s Meagre Creek geothermal project in Pemberton, BC and the planning and execution of over 600 Steam Assisted Gravity Drainage (SAGD) wells and more than 150 wells drilled into live (>180°C) steam chambers. His projects have ranged in size from $1MM to $25MM.

Harry was involved in the creation of testing standards for thermal casing connections and has participated in the re-writing of Industry Recommended Practice (IRP) 3, Heavy Oil Operations. For IRP 3, Harry provided technical and operational input for thermal well design and drilling operations as well as field development considerations.

Harry is a member of the Society of Petroleum Engineers, the Canadian Association of Drilling Engineers, and serves on the Drilling and Completions committee of the Canadian Heavy Oil Association. Harry is also a member and participant of the International Operator’s Wellbore Survey Group and was involved in the creation of Recommended Practice (RP) 78, Wellbore Positioning, for the American Petroleum Institute.

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