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As experts in renewable energy options, StromTech offers a number of cost-effective and non-disruptive energy solutions for your project. No matter the size or scale, StromTech has the knowledge and experience to fully optimize your energy needs and find the right answer to match your requirements. Adoption of the best technologies for you will be dependent on your naturally occurring local resources, which we encourage to maximize the sustainability of your energy generation.

Converting Oil & Gas Infrastructure to Geothermal

We specialize in reconditioning end-of-life oil and gas fields and turning them into geothermal assets. Using a combination of geothermal and direct heat technologies, we can transform the financial and environmental risks of these developments and turn them into long-term sustainable energy sources for local communities. Geothermal energy is becoming one of the leading methods of energy creation, and at StromTech we have the practical experience needed to guide you through your conversion.

Micro Geothermal Production

Energy has a high cost, especially for remote communities. At StromTech we are able to offer those communities tailored small-scale geothermal solutions. These are designed to be low-cost and fully optimized to allow for improved living standards through power production, improved heating, and water treatment.

StromTech also offers a wide range of additional energy services, including:

Flare Gas / Stranded Gas Cogeneration:

Remote gas sites are location limited because of infrastructure demands, but our team of experts can convert these sites into electricity producers without the waste caused by fuel transportation. Gas flares are commonly seen as wasted energy, and we are able to convert these into a useable energy source that can power communities without waste.

Landfill Remediation and Methane Gas Capture:

The methane emissions that are a byproduct of landfills can be captured and used as a valuable energy resource. Just one pound of methane can trap up to 25 times more heat than a pound of carbon dioxide. This makes it a valuable energy source, and here at StromTech, we are able to use methane to generate electricity and provide a variety of heating solutions.

Waste Heat to Power:

If you have an existing property in your community that produces excessive heat, then you could be using that heat to generate energy. StromTech can advise and orchestrate the technologies needed to turn wasted heat into power, using sources such as furnaces, ovens, engines, kilns, and other equipment that your community uses. This is a two-in-one energy solution that can not only cut your existing energy costs but also provide your community with a sustainable source of power.

Biomass to Power:

Biomass power plants use waste that is burned in order to generate steam, which is then converted into energy through the use of a turbine. There are four types of biomass available. They are wood/agricultural products, solid waste, landfill gas/bio-gas, and alcohol fuels such as ethanol. Roughly 44 percent of current biomass use is through wood, but we are able to adapt your existing locally-sourced biomass and convert it into electricity and heating.

Integration and packaging of multiple energy systems:

Using our in-depth knowledge of such a wide range of energy solutions, we are able to coordinate the planning and operation of a multiple-use energy system, combining a variety of effective processes. These can be selected after a comprehensive analysis assesses your needs and your available resources.

Integrated Power System Development:

Here at StromTech we can integrate your existing energy strategy into a more effective and broader approach. By combining and integrating the best parts of your current energy generation with the best of your future energy processes, we can ensure that you are getting the maximum energy possible for you and your community. This strategy is ideal for those looking for the least disruption of their systems.

  • Examples of how we can combine and maximize your energy processes include:
      • Biomass topping of geothermal heat or electric production
      • Fossil fuel topping of geothermal heat or electric production
      • Solar thermal topping of geothermal heat production
      • Solar thermal and/or geothermal preheat of boiler feedwater
      • Packaging and hybrid process design of multiple renewables, ie. Solar electric and geothermal heat

No matter what the energy needs of your community are, StromTech has a cost-effective solution that will allow you the freedom of having more electricity and energy. Geothermal heat is becoming an increasingly common answer to energy dilemmas worldwide, and as a source of power, it has many benefits. Not only is it non-exhaustive, but it is also emission-free and self-sustaining. That makes it the ideal solution for many of the problems caused by the modern energy crisis.

At StromTech we are leading the way into a more energy-efficient future with a range of solutions designed to meet your needs and then maximized for high levels of energy generation. By supporting self-determining communities, we also promote a greener lifestyle. Using StromTech ensures that you are making the most of your local natural resources in order to develop the highest level of sustainable and independent energy systems.

If you have any questions about what StromTech can do for you and your energy needs, contact us using our Quick Enquiry form or call us on +1 (403) 860-4455. Alternatively, you can email us for more information using